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Corporate Advisory Council

Why Form a Corporate Advisory Council?
Our CAC provides a unique opportunity for corporate partners to exchange information, ideas, and resources with the hand and upper extremity surgery community in a cost-effective and productive manner. CAC Membership fees help support AFSH research and training programs as well as ASSH CME activities. We invite you to invest in the future of hand and upper extremity medicine by becoming a member of the ASSH/AFSH Corporate Advisory Council.

Please contact Kris R. Delas Armas at to apply.

The mission of the Corporate Advisory Council is to promote the advancement of upper extremity surgery through cooperation between physicians and industry partners in a transparent and ethical fashion.


The Corporate Advisory Council will combine preeminent surgeons and industry leaders in the field of upper extremity surgery to collaborate on all aspects of the field – medical, governmental, business, and public education. This collaboration will be used as thoughtful background for decisions regarding the direction of research, education and outreach in the field to continuously improve the quality of care for all patients.

Promote transparent and ethical relationships between industry and upper extremity surgeons
Collaborate on increasing public awareness of the field of upper extremity surgery
Communicate goals and strategies for success at the ASSH Annual Meeting thereby structuring meetings to be mutually beneficial to the members of the Hand Society and the industry partners who support them
Share thoughts and ideas regarding the future of continuing medical education

Eight ASSH/AFSH Elected Leaders and Senior Staff
ASSH President, President-elect, Vice President
ASSH Corporate Support Committee Chair
AFSH President
ASSH Executive Director
CEOs (or equivalent level) of industry

Why Become a Member?
Your participation provides recognition within membership, creates the opportunity to build relationships with leadership and network with other industry professionals. Additionally, participation in the CAC provides your company with regular communication with what is happening at the ASSH and AFSH. Whether you’re looking to boost your company’s profile, showcase your support or network with VIP leaders, the CAC program provides a unique experience to give back to the specialty.

Membership Benefits
    • Opportunity to collaborate on programs and projects that benefit physicians and patient care.
    • Access to preeminent leading physicians in the field of upper extremity surgery.
    • Individual, one-on-one time with ASSH leadership and staff to help your company meet its goals.
    • Participation in two Corporate Leadership Summits (Winter/Spring)
    • Opportunity to communicate company’s position on important matters to leaders of the field.
    • Exclusive online forum to post candid questions to leadership and other industry members.
    • Access to market research results (focus groups, surveys, etc.) at a significant discount.
    • Acknowledgement on ASSH/AFSH website with a link to your corporate website.
    • Recognition throughout the year in AFSH reports and in ASSH meeting promotions.
    • Acknowledgement of support at the ASSH Annual Meeting Business Meeting.
    • Knowledge that your membership fee helps support the full range of programs the ASSH/AFSH offers –awards, grants, educational programs, and more!

Corporate Leadership Summit
An intimate forum comprising of C-level representatives from various companies servicing the hand and upper extremity field. Discuss what is working, what is not, and exchange strategies and ideas. Agenda items are developed by members and leadership based on mutual topics of interest. During these meetings you will discuss relevant challenges and issues while networking with other companies.

Topics may range from building public awareness, supporting advances in research, treatment and technology, how to provide meaningful corporate involvement in CME courses and meetings, and how to contribute to research and graduate medical education. Each Summit is different, providing a new learning opportunity. Content is driven by current events and pressing issues facing the Society and industry members. The Corporate Leadership Summit provides an interactive discussion facilitated by ASSH/AFSH leadership. Ideas developed during these Summits will continue to be worked on throughout the year via our online forum and through regular conference calls.

Membership Guidelines
CAC members are leaders, advocates and supporters who have invested to improve patient care through their support of research, education and outreach for hand and upper extremity surgery.  Membership is by invitation only.  CAC members are strategic leaders and our key ASSH and AFSH corporate advisors.  Earn your spot at the CAC table by one or more of these support pathways:

1. Major financial support of the ASSH Annual Meeting and Stand Alone Courses through an ASSH or AFSH education grant.
2. ASSH Young/Mid-Career Leadership Program support.
3. AFSH Research seed grants in support of unrestricted research or directed to one of our major research buckets: hand and wrist trauma, arthritis/arthroplasty, shoulder/elbow, biologics, nerve and soft tissue, and congenital problems (starting at $20K/year).
4. Significant AFSH donation in support of the Touching Hands Project (outreach).
5. Supporting the 25th AFSH Anniversary Campaign as a "Corporate Pillar" in Research, Education and/or Outreach ($250K pledge over 5-year period).
7. Support of the 2-Year Hand and Upper Limb Fellowship through an Education Grant.

Your Participation Supports the ASSH & AFSH Mission!
Membership in the CAC offers special perks including one-on-one engagement with ASSH/AFSH leadership, opportunities to shape policy, and contribute to new market research survey questions, just to name a few.  This invitation-only program is open to current supporters and future corporate partners.  We acknowledge that each company is structured differently in size, capacity and budget and our suggested fee structure reflects that.  Companies that have reached Elite Partner status receive an automatic invitation to the CAC.  Those who have reached Premier, Classic, or Standard Partner status are encouraged to participate at the suggested rate below.  We believe you will see the incredible value in participating in the CAC but ultimately you pay what you want.  Half of your donation will go to support ASSH educational programs and the other half will be applied as a charitable donation in support of the Foundation.

Participation Fee: $0

Suggested Donation: $5,000
Classic and Premier Partners

​Suggested Donation: $7,500
​Non- and Standard Partners

Policies and Procedures:​
  • Membership is based on a yearly cycle; following the ASSH Leadership year, which starts and ends with the Annual Meeting each year in the fall.
  • Upon joining, companies are asked to identify primary, secondary and other contacts for CAC activities.
  • Companies are required to participate in Corporate Leadership Summit scheduled twice a year, each December and May.
  • Access to the ASSH and AFSH activities is a privilege, not a right.  The ASSH reserves the right to ask a member to leave an activity and/or forfeit their membership if behavior or company practices no longer align with ASSH policy.
  • The ASSH/AFSH will not endorse any company or product but will recognize the contributions made by CAC members.
  • CAC Members are invited and encouraged to use the CAC logo on their company website or in promotional materials to acknowledge their membership.
  • CAC Member donation contributes towards overall Partnership Level with the Society.
  • Participation is limited to 15 corporate partners.
Our Corporate Advisory Program offers a unique experience to learn, collaborate and network and we hope you will join us for our 2013-2014 program. To apply, please contact the ASSH:

Kris R. Delas Armas, CMP
Meetings & Corporate Relations Manager

Corporate Advisory Council Recognition

We would like to thank the following 2013-2014 companies and members of leadership for helping us form the CAC and for their continued support of ASSH and AFSH activities:

Scott H. Kozin, MD

William H. Seitz, Jr., MD

Neil F. Jones, MD
Vice President

Edward Akelman, MD
Immediate Past President

John M. Bednar, MD
AFSH President

Edward Diao, MD
Chair, Corporate Advisory Council
Chair, Commercial Support Committee

Corporate Members:

Acumed LLC
Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
AxoGen, Inc.
Lima Orthopaedics
Medartis, Inc.
Skeletal Dynamics, LLC
Small Bone Innovations, Inc.
Smith & Nephew
Stryker Trauma & Extremities

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