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Video Theater Award

The Annual Meeting Scientific Displays Committee selects the top video(s) presented at the ASSH Annual Meeting each year to recognize excellence in style and digital presentation. 

2008Custom Ulnar Head Prosthetic Arthroplasty for Management of the Unstable, Arthritic Distal Radio-Ulnar Joint
 William H. Seitz, MD

2007No award presented

2006Making a Thumb - The Story of Pollicization
 Peter R. Carter, MD, Marybeth Ezaki, MD, Arshad R. Muzaffar, MD, J. William Littler, MD (deceased)

2005No award presented

2004No award presented

2003No award presented

2002Implant Resection Arthroplasty of the Metacarpophalangeal Joints Using Flexible Hinges and Titanium Circumferential Grommet
 Alfred B. Swanson, MD

2002Intrinsic Flaps in Hand Surgery – Anatomical Study and Clinical Application
 Christoph Heitmann, MD, Detlev Erdmann, MD, Guenter Germann, MD, PhD, L. Scott Levin, MD

2001No award presented

2000Reduction and Association Scapholunate for Chronic Scapholunate Instability Utilizing the Herbert Screw
 Melvin P. Rosenwasser, MD, Robert J. Strauch, MD, Sasha Ristic, MD, Michael L. Lee, MD, Kenji C. Miyasaka, MD

1999Hemicondylar Hamate Replacement Arthroplasty (HHRA) for PIP Fractures/Dislocations
 Hill Hastings, II, MD, John Capo, MD, Bruce Steinberg, MD, Peter J. Stern, MD

1998Snapping of the Medial Head of the Triceps and Recurrent Dislocation of the Ulnar Nerve
 Robert J. Spinner, MD, Richard D. Goldner, MD, Shawn O’Driscollo, MD

1997No award presented

1996Surgical Technique of Vascularized Distal Radius Bonegraft for Scaphoid Nonunion
 Scott P. Steinmann, MD, Allen T. Bishop, MD, Richard A. Berger, MD

1996The Use of the Osteoseptocutaneous Free Fibula Transfer in the Upper Extremity
 E.J. Harvey, MD, Scott Levin, MD

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