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Richard J. Smith Lecture

Presented during the Adrian E. Flatt Residents and Fellows Conference.  This conference precedes the ASSH Annual Meeting.

2013 - San Francisco, CA
A. Lee Osterman, MD
You Can't Shake Hands with an iPhone

2012 - Chicago, IL
James W. May, Jr., MD
Boston Cod

2011 - Las Vegas, NV
James R. Urbaniak, MD
Does Everyone Need a Thumb?

2010 - Boston, MA
Steven Z. Glickel, MD
Ethics and Professionalism

2009 - San Francisco, CA
Terry R. Light, MD
Finding Joy in Your Hand Surgery Practice

2008 - Chicago, IL
William P. Cooney, MD
Diffusion of Innovation and the Hand Surgeon

2007 - Seattle, WA
Marybeth Ezaki, MD
Bridges in Hand Surgery

2006 - Washington, DC
Vincent R. Hentz, MD
A Life-Long Mission: How Shall We Teach and How Shall We Learn?

2005 - San Antonio, TX
Jesse B. Jupiter, MD
Lifelong Learning - The Legacy of Richard J. Smith

2004 - New York, NY
Andrew K. Palmer, MD
Balance Revisited

2003 - Chicago, IL
Peter J. Stern, MD
Penicillin and Its Effect on Hand Infections

2002 - Phoenix, AZ
Peter R. Carter, MD
The Embryogenesis of Our Specialty of Hand Surgery – A Story of Three Americans: A Politician, A General and a Duck Hunter

2001 - Baltimore, MD
Goran Lundborg, MD
Hand Surgery and Brain Plasticity

2000 - Seattle, WA
Ronald L. Linscheid, MD
Hand Me Downs

1999 - Boston, MA
Richard I. Burton, MD
Who Cares?

1998 - Minneapolis, MN
James H. Dobyns, MD
Pieces of Eight

1997 - Denver, CO
Adrian E. Flatt, MD

1996 - Nashville, TN
Julio Taleisnik, MD
In Defense of Common Sense

1995 - San Francisco, CA
Harold E. Kleinert, MD
Not Available

1994 - Cincinnati, OH
James W. Strickland, MD
Specialization: The Past, the Present, the Future

1993 - Kansas City, KS
E.F. Shaw Wilgis, MD
A Prescription for Change: Challenge, Courage, and Controversy

1992 - Phoenix, AZ
David P. Green, MD
In Search of More Effective Medical Speaking and Writing

1991 - Orlando, FL
Andrew J. Weiland, MD
The Riddle of Kienbock's Disease

1990 - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Robert D. Leffert, MD
The Musician and the Hand Surgeon

1989 - Seattle, WA
Michael E. Jabaley, MD
Not Available

1988 - Baltimore, MD
George E. Omer, MD
The Trends Towards Specialization in American Surgery

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