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Scientific Poster Honorable Mentions

The Annual Meeting Scientific Displays Committee is tasked with awarding the Julian M. Bruner Award to the Best Overall Poster presented at the Annual Meeting. In addition to the Bruner Award the committee also has the option to award a Clinical Pearl award.

Prior to 2007 the Scientific Displays Committee recognized outstanding posters within the categories of: Best Layout and Presentation, Best Scientific Content and Best Clinical Pearl, in addition to the Bruner award.
Best Scientific Content

2006Nerve Ending Distribution in Human Radiocarpal Ligaments: A Fluorescent Immunohistochemical Study
 Kazunari Tomita, MD, Richard A. Berger, MD, PhD, Evelyn Berger, BA, Kai-Nan An, PhD

2005“High Definition” 3-D Imaging of Mechanoreceptors in Dorsal Radiocarpal Ligament of Human Wrist
 Kazunari Tomita, MD, Richard A. Berger, MD, PhD, Evelyn J. Berger, BA, Kai-Nan An, PhD

2004Effect of Gap Size on Gliding Resistance after Flexor Profundus Tendon Repair: A Biomechanical Evaluation in Human In Vitro Study
 Chunfeng Zhao, MD, Tatsuro Tanaka, MD, Peter C. Amadio, MD, Kai-Nan An, PhD

2003Three-Dimensional Description of Ligamentous Attachements around the Lunate
 Soya Nagao, MD, William L. Buford, Jr., PhD, Munir A. Shah, MD, Steven F. Viegas, MD

2003Honorable Mention: TGF Inhibitors in Flexor Tendon Wound Healing
 Andrew Y. Zhang, BS, Hung Pham, BS, Michael T. Longaker, MD, James Chang, MD

2002Reduction of Postoperative Adhesion of Peripheral Nerve by Combination of TC7 and Hyaluronic Acid
 Daisuke Yamauchi, MD, Kazuo Ikeda, MD, Naoki Osamura, MD, Norio Hagiwara, MD

2002Honorable Mention: Phase I/II Evaluation of a Thrombin-Related Peptide for Acceleration of Distal Radius Fracture Healing
 Benjamin P. Levine, MD, W. Alan Ward, MD, Dale Bramlet, MD, Amy L. Ladd, MD

2001Abnormal Gene Expression Associated with Abnormal Induction of Digital Rays in Animal Model
 Takuji Naruse, MD, Masatoshi Takahara, MD, Miwako Otsuji, MD, Toshihiko Ogino, MD

2001Honorable Mention: Assessment of the Immune Response to the Volume of Nerve Allograft Material
 Subhro K. Sen, MD, James B. Lowe III, MD, Susan E. Mackinnon, MD, Daniel A. Hunter, RT

2000Immunocytochemical Localization of Estrogen Receptors in the Trapeziometacarpal Joint: A Role for Sex Hormones in the Pathogenesis of Osteoarthritis
 Vincent D. Pellegrini, Jr., MD, Sanjiv H. Naidu, MD, Mustasim Rumi, MD, Qian Chen, PhD

2000Honorable Mention: Scaphoid Nonunions: Development of a New Animal Model for Studying the Effects of Growth Factors and BMP's
 Robert R. Slater, Jr., MD, Justin E. Laubach, BS, Hari Reddi, PhD

1999Growth Factor Improves Denervated Muscle Recovery
 Charles S. Day, MD, Matthew M. Tomaino, MD, Boohsin Buranatanitkit, MD, Johnny Huard, PhD

1999Honorable Mention: Impairment of Axonal Transport and Blood-Nerve Barrier Function Caused by Prolonged Conduction Block After Incremental Peripheral Nerve Elongation
 Kazuko Okada, MD, Kazuo Ikeda, MD, Masaki Matsuda, Daisuke Yamauchi

1998Experimental Induction of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in an Animal Model: An Electrophysiologic and Histologic Analysis
 Edward Diao, MD, Hiroyuki Iida, Shin-Ichi Hida, David M. Rempel, MD

1997Fibroblast Growth Factors and Vertebrate Limb Initiation
 James G. M. McDiarmed, FRCS, M. Cohn, Paul Martin, PhD, Cheryl Tickle, BSc (Hon), PhD

1996The Acute Effects of Periarterial Sympathectomy on the Cutaneous Microcirculation
 David C. Pollock, MD, Thomas L. Smith, PhD, L. Andrew Koman, MD, Zhongyu Li, MD

1995Biomechanical and Histological Studies of the Common Extensor Tendon of the Humeral Epicondyle
 Xiao Tong Want, PhD, JungSoo Han, PhD, Jaiyoung Ryu, MD

1994The Role of the Nerve Bed in the Biomechanics of the Ulnar Nerve
 David Boo Aun Khoo, MD, Jim-Shown Shih, MD, Michael B. Wood, MD, Kai-Nan An, PhD

1993Peripheral Nerve Injury During Gradual Limb Elongation
 Kazuo Ikeda, MD, Yutaka Morishita, MD, Kirofumi Nakayama, MD, Katsuro Tomita, MD

1992Variations of the Ulnar Nerve: A Surgical Perspective
 Lane B. Davlin, MD, Pat L. Aulicino, MD, Thomas Bergfield, MD

1992Honorable Mention: Rotational Errors in the Reduction of Distal Radius Fractures: A Cadaver Model
 Andrew B. Stein, MD, Mark Desmond, MD, Paul Tornetta III, MD

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