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Scientific Poster Honorable Mentions

The Annual Meeting Scientific Displays Committee is tasked with awarding the Julian M. Bruner Award to the Best Overall Poster presented at the Annual Meeting. In addition to the Bruner Award the committee also has the option to award a Clinical Pearl award.

Prior to 2007 the Scientific Displays Committee recognized outstanding posters within the categories of: Best Layout and Presentation, Best Scientific Content and Best Clinical Pearl, in addition to the Bruner award.
Best Layout and Presentation Award

2006Compound Flap from Great Toe and Vascularized Joint of Second Toe for Post-Traumatic Thumb Reconstruction at the Level of Proximal Metacarpal Bone
 You-Sheng Fang, MD, Nur Nurbhai, DO, Huey Tien, MD, Tsu-Min Tsai, MD

2005Application of Three-Dimensional Virtual Reality Modeling To Hand Surgery
 Job Doornberg, MS, Durk Linzel, BS, David Ring, MD

2004The Retrograde Radial Fascial Forearm Flap: Analysis of Five Cases
 Scott F.M. Duncan, MD, MPH, Anthony A. Smith, MD, Alexander Y. Shin, MD, Steven L. Moran, MD

2004Honorable Mention: Donor and Recipient Selection in Hand Transplantation
 Vijay S. Gorantla, MD, PhD, Ruben Gonzalez, MD, Diane Pidwell, PhD, Warren C. Breidenbach, MD, FRCS

2003The Deep Dorsal Intercarpal Ligament of the Wrist
 Robert Anderson, MD, Jeffrey A. Greenberg, MD

2002Reconstruction of the Interosseous Ligament Reduces Load on the Radial Head in Cadavers
 H. James Pfaeffle, MD, PhD, Kathryne J. Stabile, BS, Jesse Chandler, BA, Matthew M. Tomaino, MD

2001Outcomes Study of Osteoarthritis of the Thumb Carpometacarpal Joint
 Mark R. Belsky, MD, Mary Scanlon, RN, CS

2001Honorable Mention: Dorsal Approach for Scaphoid Fracture/Nonunion
 Jaiyoung Ryu, MD, Bruce Gomberg, MD

2000Thoracoscopic Sympathectomy in the Management of Vasomotor Disturbance of the Hand
 Marco Rizzo, MD, Richard D. Goldner, MD, David Harpole, MD, L. Scott Levin, MD

2000Honorable Mention: Increased Complication Rates in Isolated Comminuted Ulna Shaft Fractures
 Paul Shurnas, MD, Frederick N. Meyer, MD, Wade Smith, MD, Dave Stewart, MD

1999Occult Ganglion of the Dorsal Wrist – Why Is it Painful?
 Kazuhiko Hirachi, MD, Akio Minami, MD, Hiroyuki Kato, MD

1999Honorable Mention: Stress Fluoroscopy for the Evaluation of Traumatic Radio Ulnar Dissociation
 Jack Abboudi, MD, Robert McLaughlin, MD, James S. Raphael, MD

1999Honorable Mention: The Dorso Comissural Flap: Anatomic Study and Clinical Results
 Denis Corcella, MD, Francois Moutet, MD, Kolia Cilirie, MD, Didier Guinard, MD

1998Thumb Abductorplasty with Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release for Chronic Thenar Atrophy
 Stefan V. Zachary, DO, Clayton A. Peimer, MD

1997Wrist Injuries in Snowboarding
 Jan R. Idzikowski, PA-C, Peter C. Janes, MD, Paul J. Abbott, MD

1996The "Open Book" Exposure Technique for Approaching Extensive, Benign Digital Lesions Presenting Dorsally and Volarly in One Operation (27 Cases)
 Thomas R. Shepler, MD

1995Anatomic Reconstruction of the Volar and Dorsal Radioulnar Ligaments: Anatomy and Technical Details
 William E. Sanders, MD, Karen Johnston-Jones, MD

1994Extraosseous Blood Supply to the Metacarpal Heads
 John Sauer, MD, Stanley H. Nahigian, MD, Richard Brown, MD

1993The Arbarization of the Distal Posterior Interosseous Nerve
 Clare Kearns McCarthy, MD, Thomas Breen, MD

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