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Robert E. Carroll Founders' Lecture

2012James W. Strickland, MD: From the Founders to the Future
2011Jesse B. Jupiter, MD: Innovation and Innovators in Surgery: Are Ten Thousand Hours Necessary?
2010Andrew J. Weiland, MD: Watch Out! Stay Connected! -  The Paradox of the Pursuit of Excellence
2009Gary G. Poehling, MD: The Integration of Arthroscopy into Hand Surgery
2008Edward A. Nalebuff, MD: Reflections on Fifty Years of Rheumatoid Hand Surgery
2007James R. Urbaniak, MD: The Handshake
2006Dale C. Smith, PhD: Military Surgery and the Surgery of the Hand
2005Donald Palmisano, MD (Canceled); Replaced by former Congressman Thomas Loeffler
2004David P. Green, MD: Shoulders of Mortals
2001Graham Gumley, MD: Cambodia - A Hand Surgeon's Experience in the Developing World – the richness of caring for the poor
2000Michael B. Wood, MD: Dealing with Adversity When They Seem to Change the Game Rules
1999Robert A. Chase, MD: Vital Endowments
1998Paul W. Brand, MD, England: Low Points in My Surgical Career
1997Adrian Flatt, MD, USA: Grasp
1996Doris Kearns Goodwin, PhD: The Art of Biography
1995Jeffrey Hoffman, PhD: NASA Astronaut
1994Uwe E. Reinhardt, PhD: Health-care Policy
1993Richard G. Eaton, MD: The Narrowest Hinge of My Hand
1992Goran Lundborg, MD, Sweden: The Biology of Nerve Repair
1991Eduardo Zancolli, MD, Argentina: The Perceptive Scalpel
1990Donald C. Johanson, PhD: Current Perspectives on Man’s Evolutionary Past
1989Videotape: Conversations with the Founders
1988Alan R. Hudson, MD, Canada: Iatrogenic Nerve Injuries of the Upper Limb
1987Hanno Millesi, MD, Austria: Microsurgery of Peripheral Nerves - A Surgical Technique or a Biologic Approach
1986Robert W.H. Pho, MD, Singapore: The Place of Vascularized Bone Graft in Upper Extremity Surgery
1985Nortin Hadler, MD: Repetitive Usage and the Compensable Hand Injury
1984Norman Shumway, MD: A Look into the Future
1983Donal Brooks, MD, England: Nerve Repair - A Time for Appraisal
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