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Annual Meeting Scholarships

This scholarship provides funding to residents, fellows and active duty armed forces to attend the Residents and Fellows Conference and Annual Meeting.  Recipients are granted this fund to help cover the cost of registration, housing and travel.

Congratulations 2013 Scholarship Recipients!

Hesham Abdelfattah, MD
Tanay J. Amin, MD
Nicolai B. Baecher, MD
Jamie D. Bulken-Hoover, MD
Kevin Chan, MD
Aakash Chauhan, MD, MBA
Jessica R. Childe, DO, MS
Julie Colantoni, MD
Katharine T. Criner, MD
Samuel N. Crosby, Jr., MD
Kristen Davidge, MD
Brandon N. Devers, MD
Rafael J. Diaz-Garcia, MD
Matthew L. Drake, MD
Katherine C. Faust, MD
Brian T. Fitzgerald, MD
Paige M. Fox, MD
Orrin I. Franko, MD
Aviram M. Giladi, MD
Emily Gilley, MD
Sylvia S. Gray, MD
Rey Dominique L. Gumboc, MD
Kevin D. Han, MD
Antony Hazel, MD
Russell G. Hendrick, Jr, MD
Eric P. Hofmeister, MD
Brandon Horn, DO
Aaron N. Insel, MD
Kathryn V Isaac, MD
Katie K Jegapragasan
Robin Neil Kamal, MD
Brian G. Kincaide, Jr., MD
Patricia Klempf, MD
Kate Kuhlman-Wood, MD
Dustin L Larson, MD
Amber Rachel Leis, MD
Jesse Lewis
Angelo B. Lipira, MD
Daniel London, BA
Gaurav Luther, MD
Christopher B. Lyons, MD
Ian F. MacNiven, MD
Erin J. Martens, MD
Megan A. Meislin, MD
Eitan Melamed, MD
Alan Jordan Micev, MD
Justin S. Mitchell, DO
Joshua T. Mitgang, MD
Joshua P. Moss, MD
Erin M. Nance, MD
Omar F. Nazir, MD
Mithun Neral, BS
Ryan A. Odgers, MD
Min Jung Park, MD
Ebrahim Paryavi, MD, MPH
Amrish Patel, MD
Mitchell A. Pet, MD
Vishnu C. Potini, MD
Scott Putney, MD
Samer Rodwan Rajjoub, MD
Rey N. Ramirez, MD
Negin R. Rassekh, MD
Richardson, Wilford
Nathan Lee Sacevich, MD
Brinkley Kwyn Sandvall, MD
Christiana D. Savvidou, MD
Amelia Ann Sorensen, MD
Jason M. Souza, MD
Amy L. Speeckaert
Jack B. Stephenson, IV, MD
Philipp N. Streubel, MD
Nathan L. Taylor, MD
Dmitry Tuder, MD
Brian Zafonte, MD, PhD

Thanks to the following Corporate Partners and Hand Clubs who helped fund the program:


26 Scholarships​




​16 Scholarships



10 Scholarships



2 Scholarships

Indianapolis Hand Society
2 Scholarships​


Thanks to the following individual ASSH Member donations from:

James Chang, MD
Christian Couturier, MD
R. Glenn Gaston, MD
David M. Klein, MD
Neville A. Lewis, MD
Robert D. Mastey, MD
Terrence M. O’Donovan, MD
Jose A. Ortiz, Jr., MD
Gary M. Pess, MD
Mari Thiart, MBBS
Christian Woodbury, MD

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