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2012 Symposia Handouts

Access the 2012 Symposia handouts for the sessions that take place at the 67th ASSH Annual Meeting. Please note: some symposia do not have handouts and some have not been published.

Symposium 01: Highlighting the Achievements of the AFSH
Moderator: Richard H. Gelberman, MD, Andrew J. Weiland, MD
Faculty: Joy C. MacDermid, BScPT, PhD, James Tang, MD, Ranjan Gupta, MD, Jennifer Moriatis Wolf, MD, Scott H. Kozin, MD

Symposium 02: Thumb Reconstruction: Over 100 Years of Technical Refinement
Moderator: Kevin C. Chung, MD, MS
Faculty: Neil F. Jones, MD, Fu-Chan Wei, MD, Joseph Upton, III, MD

Symposium 03: Tennis Elbow: Doing Something vs. Nothing
Moderator: Jennifer Moriatis Wolf, MD
Faculty: David C. Ring, MD, PhD, A. Lee Dellon, MD, PhD, Graham J.W. King, MD, FRCSC, Mark S. Cohen, MD

Symposium 04: Fast and Furious: Thumb CMC Arthritis in 5-Minute Bullets
Moderator: Amy L. Ladd, MD
Faculty: Arnold-Peter C. Weiss, MD, Elisabet Hagert, MD, PhD, Jennifer Moriatis Wolf, MD, Steven Z. Glickel, MD, Jeffrey Yao, MD

Symposium 05: My Favorite Flexor Tendon Repair and Why
Moderator: James Chang, MD
Faculty: Jin Bo Tang, MD, Martin I. Boyer, MD, FRCS(C),Robert Savage, MS, FRCS, Edward Diao, MD

Symposium 06: Health Policy: Practicing Medicine with Increasing Governmental Regulation
Moderator: Bruce M. Leslie, MD
Faculty: Graham Newson, Bill Hazel, MD, Andrew W. Gurman, MD

Symposium 07: Evidence Based Medicine 2012 - The Use of Evidence in Daily Practice
Moderator: Warren C. Hammert, MD
Faculty: Charles A. Goldfarb, MD, Jay F. Pomerance, MD, Christine J. Cheng, MD, Jennifer Moriatis Wolf, MD,

Symposium 08: Hand Smackdown
Moderator: Moderator: Robert J. Strauch, MD, Team Captains: T. Greg Sommerkamp, MD, New Millennium Smackers; Amy L. Ladd, MD, Dura Mater Manus
Faculty: TBA Onsite

Symposium 09: The Distal Forearm Joint A – Z
Moderator: Richard A. Berger, MD, PhD
Faculty: Luis R. Scheker, MD, Walter H. Short, MD, Jesse B. Jupiter, MD

Symposium 10: Patients and Procedures - Those to Avoid and Those to Embrace
Moderator: Martin A. Posner, MD
Faculty: Joseph E. Imbriglia, MD, Peter J. Stern, MD

Symposium 11: Innovative Treatment for Combat Injuries in the Upper Extremity
Moderator: W. P. Andrew Lee, MD
Faculty: Col. James R. Ficke, MD, Todd A. Kuiken, MD, PhD, Jaimie T. Shores, MD, George P. Nanos, III, MD

Symposium 12: PIP Joint Replacement: The International Perspective
Moderator: Daniel B. Herren, MD
Faculty: Hermann Krimmer, PhD, MD, Mark Ross, FRACS, Winston YC Chew, MBBS, FRCS , Kevin C. Chung, MD, MS

Symposium 13: Evolving Indications, Role of Hemiarthroplasty and Salvage of the Failed Total Wrist Arthroplasty
Moderator: Marco Rizzo, MD
Faculty: Brian D. Adams, MD, Randall W. Culp, MD, Kurt Pettersson, MD

Symposium 14: Distal Motor and Sensory Nerve Transfers – A Changing Paradigm
Moderator: Susan E. Mackinnon, MD
Faculty: Mark E. Baratz, MD, Ida Fox, MD, Scott H. Kozin, MD, Christine B. Novak, PT, PhD

Symposium 15: Fragility Fractures of the Upper Extremity: What Every Hand Surgeon Should Know
Moderator: Tamara D. Rozental, MD
Faculty: Jennifer Moriatis Wolf, MD, Ruby Grewal, MD, FRCSC, Kevin C. Chung, MD, MS

Symposium 16: Treatment Options for the Scapholunate Ligament Complex
Moderator: David J. Slutsky, MD
Faculty: Christophe L. Mathoulin, MD, Francisco Del Pinal, MD, Melvin P. Rosenwasser, MD, Mark Ross, FRACS

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