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2011 Instructional Course handouts

Access the 2011 Instructional Course handouts for the sessions that took place at the 66th ASSH Annual Meeting. Please note: some ICL's do not have handouts and some have not been published.

IC01: Flexor Tendon Repair - MOC Approved
Moderator: Donald H. Lalonde, MD​
Faculty: John G. Seiler, III, MD, Peter C. Amadio, MD, Jin Bo Tang, MD​

IC02: Technological Advances in the Assessment and Management of Malunions of the Distal Radius-An International Perspective
Moderator: Jesse B. Jupiter, MD​
Faculty: Francisco del Piñal, MD, Diego L. Fernandez, MD, Ladislav Nagy, MD, Filip Stockmans, MD​

IC03: Reconstruction of the Burned Upper Extremity in Adults and Children
Moderator: Roger L. Simpson, MD, MBA
Faculty: Anthony A. Smith, MD, Rajiv Sood, MD

IC04: Partial Joint Denervation: Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder
Moderator: A. Lee Dellon, MD, PhD
Faculty: Richard Berger, MD, Nicholas E. Rose, MD

IC05: Wrist Pain: New Treatments for an Old Problem
Moderator: David J. Slutsky MD
Faculty: Mark H. Henry, MD, Christophe L. Mathoulin, MD, Marc Garcia-Elias, MD

IC06: Factitious Disorders of the Upper Extremity: Patient Heal Thyself!
Moderator: Robert J. Strauch, MD
Faculty: Dean S. Louis, MD, David C. Bush, MD, Donald H. Lee, MD

IC07: Achieving Optimal Outcome Through Hand Therapy
Moderator: Christine B. Novak, PT, PhD
Faculty: Julianne W. Howell, PT, MS, CHT, Susan Michlovitz, PhD, PT, CHT, Rebecca von der Heyde, PhD, OT, CHT, Lynne Feehan, PhD, PT, CHT

IC08: Elbow Arthroscopy: Indications, Techniques, Outcomes & Complications
Moderator: Julie E. Adams, MD
Faculty: Scott P. Steinmann, MD, Graham J.W. King, MD, FRCSC, Mark S. Cohen, MD

IC09: Cutting Edge Concepts on the Distal Biceps Tendon
Moderator: Christopher C. Schmidt, MD
Faculty: Dean G. Sotereanos, MD, Gregory Ian Bain, FRACS, PhD, Mark E. Baratz, MD

IC10: Congenital Hand Differences - From Simple to Complex
Moderator: Neil F. Jones, MD
Faculty: Terry R. Light, MD, Paul Smith, MD, Joseph Upton, III, MD

IC11: Reconstruction of the Upper Limb in Tetraplegia: Current Concepts
Moderator: Vincent R. Hentz, MD
Faculty: Scott H. Kozin, MD, Michael W. Keith, MD, Caroline M. C. Leclercq, MD, Catherine Curtin, MD

IC12: Media Training for the Hand Surgeon
Moderator: Keith A. Segalman, MD
Faculty: Stephen J. Troum, MD, Tara J. Havenga, Alexia Vernon, Debby Davison

IC13: Zebras in Hand Surgery
Moderator: Ranjan Gupta, MD
Faculty: Gregory H. Rafijah, MD, Matthew J. Meunier, MD

IC14: The Art and Science of Podium Presentations
Moderator: L. Scott Levin, MD, FACS
Faculty: David L. Nelson, MD, Peter M. Murray, MD

IC15: Twelve Steps to Artful Writing
Moderator: Roy A. Meals, MD
Faculty: None

IC16: Effective and Efficient - Is This You, Your Practice?
Moderator: Matthew D. Putnam, MD
Faculty: Charles S. Day, MD, Donald H. Lee, MD, Julie E. Adams, MD

IC17: CMC Arthritis (MOC approved)
Moderator: John G. Seiler, III, MD
Faculty: Donald H. Lalonde, MD, Matthew M. Tomaino, MD, MBA

IC18: The Assessment and Management of Posttraumatic Conditions about the Elbow
Moderator: Jesse B. Jupiter, MD
Faculty: Robert N. Hotchkiss, MD, David C. Ring, MD, PhD, David S. Ruch, MD

IC19: Reconstruction Using Distal Sensory & Motor Nerve Transfers
Moderator: Susan E. Mackinnon, MD
Faculty: Christine B. Novak, PT, PhD, Ida Fox, MD

IC20: Social Media and Your Practice: How to Connect with and Inform Your Patients and the Public
Moderator: Scott D. Lifchez, MD
Faculty: Desirae M. McKee, MD, Raymond B. Raven, MD, Adam B. Shafritz, MD, Jonathan Tueting, MD

IC21: The SLAC Wrist Dilemma
Moderator: Terry S. Axelrod, MD
Faculty: Renato Fricker, MD, Thomas J. Fischer, MD, Amit Gupta, MD

IC22: Management of Failed Operative Treatment of Distal Radius Fractures
Moderator: Charles S. Day, MD
Faculty: Alexander Y. Shin, MD, Charles A. Goldfarb, MD, Scott W. Wolfe, MD

IC23: Treatment of Proximal Humerus Fractures
Moderator: Donald H. Lee, MD
Faculty: Scott P. Steinmann, MD, William H. Seitz, Jr., MD

IC25: Total Elbow Arthroplasty: State of the Art
Moderator: Scott P. Steinmann, MD
Faculty: Hill Hastings, II, MD, Mark S. Cohen, MD

IC26: Algorithmic Treatment of Kienböck's Disease: Beyond Staging
Moderator: Gregory Ian Bain, FRACS, PhD
Faculty: Marc Garcia-Elias, MD, David M. Lichtman, MD, Peter C. Amadio, MD, Ulrich B. Lanz, MD

IC27: Approach, Assessment and Treatment of Tumors in the Hand
Moderator: Edward A. Athanasian, MD
Faculty: Peter M. Murray, MD, Peter J. L. Jebson, MD

IC28: Solving the Impossible: The Latest in Microvascular Techniques for Reconstruction of Bony Defects
Moderator: L. Scott Levin, MD, FACS
Faculty: Marco Innocenti, MD, Neil F. Jones, MD, Francisco Del Piñal, MD, Minoru Shibata, MD

IC29: Cold Trauma, Hot Mess: Late Presentating Pediatric Fractures of the Upper Extremity
Moderator: Scott H. Kozin, MD
Faculty: Dan A. Zlotolow, MD, Donald S. Bae, MD, Peter M. Waters, MD

IC30: ICD-10 Coding
Moderator: Jonathan Rosenfeld, MD
Faculty: None

IC31: A Hand Surgeon's Guide to the Universe: How to Author a Book Chapter
Moderator: David J. Slutsky, MD​
Faculty: Ghazi M. Rayan, MD, Edward Akelman, MD

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