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2008 Symposia Handouts


Symposium 01: Ethics and Professionalism
Moderator: Ghazi M. Rayan, MD, Oklahoma City, OK
Faculty: Richard Cruess, MD, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Sylvia Cruess, MD, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Murray J. Goodman, MD, Salem, MA

Symposium 02: Treatment of Dupuytren's Disease
Moderator: Waldo E. Floyd, III, MD, Macon, GA
Faculty: Charles J. Eaton, MD, Jupiter, FL, Lawrence C. Hurst, MD, Stony Brook, NY, Roy A. Meals, MD, Los Angeles, CA, Gary M. Pess, MD, Eatontown, NJ

Symposium 03: Technical Pearls: Young Turks
Moderator: Scott H. Kozin, MD, Philadelphia, PA
Faculty: John J Fernandez, MD, Chicago, IL, Robert J. Strauch, MD, New York, NY, David S. Zelouf, MD, Philadephia, PA

Symposium 04: Distal Radius Fractures
Moderator: John S. Taras, MD, Philadephia, PA
Faculty: Douglas P. Hanel, MD, Seattle, WA, David M. Kalainov, MD, Chicago, IL, Amy L. Ladd, MD, Palo Alto, CA, David C. Ring, MD, Boston, MA, David S. Ruch, MD, Durham, NC

Symposium 05: The Confrontation of Quality, Clinical Practice, Regulation and Evidence Based Medicine
Moderator: Michael W. Keith, MD, Cleveland, OH
Faculty: Peter C Amadio, MD, Rochester, MN, Kevin C. Chung, MD, Ann Arbor, MI, Brent Graham, MD, Toronto, ON, Canada, Robert H. Haralson, MD, MBA, Rosemont, IL

Symposium 06: Difficult Problems in Hand Surgery
Moderator: Joseph E. Imbriglia, MD
Faculty: Robert J Goitz, MD, Pittsburgh, PA, William B, Kleinman, MD, Indianapolis, IN

Symposium 07: Scaphoid Fractures and Nonunions: What's Hot, What's Not
Moderator: Scott W. Wolfe, MD, New York, NY
Faculty: William F. Geissler, MD, Jackson, MS, Joseph F. Slade, III, MD, Guilford, CT

Symposium 08: Journal of Retraction
Moderator: A. Lee Osterman, MD, King of Prussia, PA
Faculty: Joseph E. Imbriglia, MD, Wexford, PA, Lawrence H. Schneider, MD, New York, NY, Peter J. Stern, MD, Cincinnati, OH, David S. Zelouf, MD, King of Prussia, PA

Symposium 09: Technical Pearls: The Masters
Moderator: Joseph E. Imbriglia, MD, Wexford, PA
Faculty: William P. Cooney, MD, Vero Beach, FL, Dean S. Louis, MD, Ann Arbor, MI

Symposium 10: International Symposium - Thum Carpometacarpal Joint Arthrosis: What We Can learn from the French Approach to Surgical Treatment
Moderator: Christian A. Dumontier, MD, Paris, France, Joseph M. Failla, MD, Southfield, MI
Faculty: Pierre Desmoineaux, MD, SFCM-GEM, Jean Goubau, MD, SFCM-GEM, Patrick Lorea, MD, SFCM-GEM

Symposium 11: Hand Arthroscopy: Indications and Techniques
Moderator: Stacey H. Berner, MD, Owings Mills, MD
Faculty: Alejandro Badia, MD, Miami, FL, Tyson K. Cobb, MD, Davenport, IA, Steven Topper, MD, Colorado Springs, CO

Symposium 12: Basal Joint Arthritis
Moderator: Edward Diao, MD, San Francisco, CA
Faculty: Jay F. Pomerance, MD, Arlington Heights, IL, Matthew M. Tomaino, MD, MBA, Rochester, NY

Symposium 13: Forearm Injuries - What's Old, What's New, What Still Makes Us Blue
Moderator: Lisa L. Lattanza, MD, San Francisco, CA
Faculty: Edward Diao, MD, San Francisco, CA, Charles A. Goldfarb, MD, St. Louis, MO

Symposium 14: Wound Management
Moderator: Nicholas B. Vedder, MD, Seattle, WA
Faculty: Gunter Germann, MD, PhD, Germany, Douglas P. Hanel, MD, Seattle, WA

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