Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio Tour

Program code: Tour 1
Program Title: Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio and Oak Park Tour
Date/Time: Wednesday, September 5 – 9:00 AM – 2:00 P.M.
Location: All tours depart from Hyatt Regency Entrance
Fee: $78.00
This tour will begin in the historic neighborhood of Oak Park, IL. Guests will have a guided tour of Frank Lloyd Wright‘s Home & Studio. Wright added a studio to his personal residence in Oak Park in 1898. The extraordinary Home and Studio complex served as Wright's architectural laboratory from 1889 to 1909, the years that launched his career. Here he conceived the Prairie style of architecture, testing ideas that found their fullest expression in many of the surrounding homes he designed for clients. Today, the complex is an accredited house museum restored to 1909, and contains an impressive collection of furniture and decorative arts objects designed by Wright.
After touring the Home & Studio, guests will have a walking guided tour of the surrounding Oak Park neighborhood. The area surrounding the Oak Park Home and Studio contains the world's largest concentration of Wright-designed structures. The tour will conclude with another jewel out of Wright‘s hand: Unity Temple! Its unique structure and building material might soon be on the list as one of the UNEWSCO world‘s heritage sites. With 25 of his buildings in the village, as well as a rich selection of restored Prairie style and Victorian homes, Oak Park is an outdoor museum of architectural history.

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