Chicago on Fire Tour

​Program code: Tour 10
Program Title: Chicago on FIRE!!!
Saturday, September 8 – 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Location: All tours depart from Hyatt Regency Entrance
Fee: $45.00

It was once believed that the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 was caused by a cow, owned by a woman named O'Leary, which started when she tipped over a lantern. A competing legend exonerates the hapless bovine, placing guilt on Peg Leg Sullivan, who not only started the blaze, but also framed the cow.

The truth lies in mystery. What we know for a fact is that after the great fire, Chicagoans built on the ash filled fields new buildings and streets that are the foundation of what we see today: an architectural heaven, high skyscrapers, well organized street blocks…

The tour begins and ends at Chicago‘s famous fire station, across from the Water Tower, the only building that survived the Great Fire. Your group will stop at the Fire Academy which was originally Ms. O‘Leary‘s Barn, where the Chicago fire is believed to have originated in 1871. The Fire truck will also make a stop at the Adler Planetarium where guests can take picture of the city and its beautiful skyline.

Don‘t miss on the history of Chicago and enjoy an inspiring city tour, which allows you a completely different glance of the city on top of an antique fire truck. It might well turn out that your group is the attraction of other sightseers…

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