Thursday Symposia

​3:25 - 4:10 PM

Moscone West 3004/3012

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Tales from the Shoulders of Giants

Moderator: Terry R. Light, MD
Panelists will each be asked to speak about their experience with a “giant” in the field of hand surgery.  Each will be asked to provide a 4-minute glimpse into the life of a deceased “giant” mentor and teacher in hand surgery.
Panelists will present from alternating podiums.  Topics to be covered may include:
  • Brief biography
  • What was it like to work with this individual? 
  • Contribution to hand surgery
  • Lesson learned about from the master/mentor that are still relevant
  • Lesson learned about life
  • Entertaining remembrance

Learning Objectives

  • Review history of hand fellowships
  • Understand the powerful impact of effective mentorship
  • Expand understanding of the history of Hand Surgery

​3:25 PM ​Introduction ​Terry R. Light, MD
​3:29 PM ​About Bernard O’Brien, MD ​Randall Sach, MD
​3:33 PM ​About Joseph H. Boyes, MD ​Gerald Blatt, MD
​3:37 PM ​About Richard J. Smith, MD ​Roy Meals, MD
​3:41 PM About ​J. Leonard Goldner, MD ​James Urbaniak, MD
​3:45 PM About ​J. William Littler, MD ​Steve Glickel, MD
​3:49 PM About ​Robert E. Carroll, MD ​William Kleinman, MD
​3:53 PM About ​Harry J. Buncke, MD ​Gregory Buncke, MD
​3:57 PM ​About James H. Dobyns, MD and Ronal​d Linscheid, MD ​William Cooney, MD
​4:01 PM ​About Paul W. Brand, MD ​John Agee, MD
​4:05 PM About ​Dan Riordan, MD ​​Donald Faust, MD
​4:10 PM ​Conclude ​Terry R. Light, MD


4:30 - 6:00 PM

Moscone West 3000/3002

Affordable Health Care Act: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Moderator: Daniel Nagle, MD

This will be a symposium dedicated to educating our members regarding those aspects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Topics that will be touched on include: bundled payment, the exchanges, the expansion of Medicaid and its implications, the move away from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement and its implications, comparative research and the creation of an independent payment advisory board the reform's impact on employers and physician practices.

Learning Objectives
  • The participant should walk away from this symposium with a better understanding of how the PPACA will impact their practice.​

The faculty will consist of Daniel Nagle MD who will act as moderator and also discuss the impact the PPACA will have on physician value.
Dr. Leon Benson will discuss the PPACA from the point of view of the hospital and a large multi-specialty orthopedic group.
Mr. Chad J. Beste of Professional Business Consultants of Oak Brook, Illinois will discuss the Affordable Care Act from the insurance industry point of view. Chad has spent the last 10 years studying insurance markets in regard of third-party payer trends.

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