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Thursday Morning Industry Forums


11:30 AM - 12:30 PM


Industry Forum 06
Moscone West 3022
Maximizing Efficiency with the New DVR Crosslock ePAK

Presented by Biomet, Inc. Labs
Faculty: Michael Bednar, MD
Format: Lecture / Hands-on attendee activity using "Sawbones"
Lecture and Workshop: A new delivery method for the use of DVR Crosslock implant for distal radius fractures.

Industry Forum 07
Moscone West 3024
Total Distal Radio-Ulnar Joint Replacement using a Semi-constrained Prosthesis

Presented by Aptis Medical, LLC
Faculty: Douglas P. Hanel, MD, Jesse B. Jupiter, MD and Luis R. Scheker, MD
Format: Hands-on cadaveric demonstration (faculty only)
The Scheker Distal Radio‐Ulnar Joint prosthesis is the only prosthesis that replaces all of the functions of the distal radio‐ulnar joint, including the sigmoid notch, the ulnar head and the function of the triangular fibro cartilage.  This workshop is intended to teach the hand surgeon the technique for application of the Scheker Distal Radio‐Ulnar Joint prosthesis.  The pearls and pitfalls will be discussed when using the replacement either primarily, following soft tissue arthroplasties, such as Darrach, Sauve‐Kapandji, Watson matched resection and Bowers hemi‐resection procedures, or as a salvage of other prosthetic options.

Industry Forum 08
Moscone West 2014
The Biomechanics of the Distal Radius Fracture 

Presented by Skeletal Dynamics
Faculty: Jorge L. Orbay, MD
Format: Hands-on cadaveric demonstration (faculty only)​
Address the advancements in distal radius fracture management, and review a new design in volar plating featuring the GEMINUS® Fossa Specific Plating System.  The plate features a unique dual head design that improves fit to the anatomy, minimizing the potential for flexor tendon injuries while providing the scaphoid and lunate fossae with optimized subchondral support.  Each malleable head can be adjusted independently to provide ideal patient matching.

Industry Forum 09
Moscone West 2016
Stabilization of Carpal Instability

Presented by Acumed
Faculty: William Geissler, MD, Randip Bindra, MD and Michael G. McNamara, MD
Format: Lecture/panel discussion and Hands-on attendee activity using "Sawbones"
Presentations by Drs. William Geissler and Randy Bindra and will focus on Scapho-Lunate instability cases and their treatment with the SLIC Screw, a unique jointed screw designed to temporarily hold the scaphoid and lunate anatomically reduced until the biological healing of soft tissue repair or reconstruction has occurred.  Additionally, a presentation by Dr. Michael McNamara will address the SL Targeting Guide, a specialized guide wire targeting guide which allows for simplified targeting of the central third of the scaphoid and lunate in the lateral view.

Following the lectures, there will be a hands-on sawbones lab with the SLIC Screw System and SL Targeting Guide.

Industry Forum 10
Moscone West 2018
Minimally Invasive Distal Radius Repair

Presented by Conventus Orthopaedics, Inc.
Faculty: Steve Moran, MD, Michael Strassmair, MD and Thomas M. Walsh, MD
Format: Lecture/panel discussion and Hands-on attendee activity using "Sawbones"
Conventus Orthopaedics expands fracture fixation to make better patient care possible.  The Conventus DRS™ System offers an intramedullary implant for fixation of a broad range of distal radius fractures with a simple technique that is 80% less invasive than traditional plate and screw procedures.  This tissue preserving approach to fracture fixation was developed to lessen post-surgical pain and speed patient recovery.
This Conventus workshop will cover clinical need, surgical technique and clinical results for the treatment of distal radius fractures.

Industry Forum 11
Moscone West 2022
Malunion of the Distal Radius: Preoperative Planning with Guided Surgical Approach

Presented by Medartis, Inc.
Faculty: Peter J. Evans, MD, PhD, FRCS(C)​ and David Shapiro, MD
Format: Lecture/panel discussion and Hands-on attendee activity using "Sawbones"
Join Medartis, along with co-marketing partner Materialise, to learn how they can provide 3D virtual surgical planning and patient-specific operative techniques to address the difficulties associated with malunions and corrective osteotomies.  This lecture and sawbones demonstration will introduce imaging, planning and surgical techniques using the Medartis APTUS Distal Radius 2.5 System in conjunction with Materialise SurgiCase Orthopaedics.​

Industry Forum 12
Moscone West 2002
Current Methods & Outcomes Using the ReMotion Total Wrist System

Presented by Small Bone Innovations, Inc.
Faculty: Guillaume Herzberg, MD, PhD​
Format: Lecture/panel discussion
This discussion will address proper patient selection and indications for total wrist arthroplasty.  Case reviews will be presented on the surgical management and patient outcomes when using the ReMotion Total Wrist System.

Industry Forum 13

Moscone West 2004
DePuy Synthes Elbow Solutions: Simply Complete
Presented by DePuy Synthes
Faculty: TBD
Format: Lecture/panel discussion

This session features the DePuy Synthes Radial Head Prosthesis and the VA-LCP Elbow Plating System.  The workshop will include a lecture and sawbones lab, allowing participants the opportunity to use the new DePuy Synthes Radial Head Prosthesis and VA-LCP Elbow Plating System.  The Radial Head Prosthesis is a modular, side-loading system with a highly textured radial stem that provides a uniform press fit.​

Industry Forum 14
Moscone West 2006
Experts on Hand: Case Studies in Dupuytren’s Contracture

Presented by Auxilium Pharmaceuticals
Faculty: Prosper Benhaim, MD, Sidney M. Jacoby, MD, Douglas M. Sammer, MD and Gary M. Pess, MD​
Format: Lecture/panel discussion

Join our panel of experts as they discuss some practical aspects of treating Dupuytren’s contracture via case study presentations.​

Industry Forum 15
Moscone West 2008
Total Elbow Arthroplasty: Nexel™ Total Elbow

Presented by Zimmer
Faculty: Matthew Ramsey, MD
Format: Lecture/panel discussion

This is a didactic which will provide participants with knowledge of Zimmers Nexel Total Elbow. This session will review the design rationale for the new elbow, what worked well with the market-leading Coonrad-Morrey Total Elbow, what was the focus for innovation for the next generation elbow.  In addition, novel elbow laboratory testing and those results will be also be discussed.​  

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