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Friday Industry Forums

7:00-8:00 AM


Industry Forum 21
Moscone West 3014
Redefining Our Expectations for Peripheral Nerve Repair: An Evidence Based Approach

Presented by AxoGen, Inc.
Faculty: Ivica Ducic, MD, PhD, Peter Evans, MD, PhD, FRCSC, Bauback Safa, MD, MBA, FACS and Erick DeVinney
Format: Lecture/panel discussion

It’s time to challenge conventional wisdom on peripheral nerve repair.  Join us for a panel discussion on the incorporation of new nerve repair technologies into clinical practice. Learn of outcomes in real world applications from your surgeon peers as well as the evolving scientific evidence driving successful nerve repair.  A scientific and evidence based review of contemporary treatment algorithms in peripheral nerve repair. Surgeons with an interest in state of the art nerve repair techniques, understanding the science of peripheral nerve repair, implementing cost effective treatment modalities and facilitating improvements in patient outcomes should plan to attend. 

Industry Forum 22
Moscone West 3016
Experts on Hand: Case Studies in Dupuytren’s Contracture​

Presented by Auxilium Pharmaceuticals
Faculty: Prosper Benhaim, MD, Sidney M. Jacoby, MD, Douglas M. Sammer, MD and Gary M. Pess, MD
Format: Lecture/panel discussion

Join our panel of experts as they discuss some practical aspects of treating Dupuytren’s contracture via case study presentations. 

Industry Forum 23
Moscone West 3018
Management of Challenging Nerve and Soft Tissue Injuries: Solutions for the Hand 

Presented by Integra LifeSciences
Faculty: Randip R. Bindra, MD FRCS & John T. Capo, MD
Format: Lecture/panel discussion
This workshop will focus on classic and new innovative techniques for management of complex hand soft tissue injuries in an interactive case discussion format.  The use of intrinsic flaps and collagen templates will be discussed for managing soft tissue loss.  Role of nerve entubulation repair and collagen wraps for nerve scarring will be highlighted using complex clinical cases with interactive participation from the audience.

Industry Forum 24
Moscone West 3020
Management of the Difficult Elbow: Fix It or Replace It  

Presented by Biomet, Inc. Labs
Faculty: Glenn Gaston, MD
Format: Lecture / hands-on attendee activity using "Sawbones"
Lecture and Workshop: The management of difficult distal humerus fractures.

Industry Forum 25
Moscone West 3022
Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel & Minimally Invasive Flexor Tendon Repair  

Presented by SegWAY​ Orthopaedics, Inc.
Faculty: Charles Leinberry, MD, Brian Chalkin, MD and Teddy Atik, MD
Format: Lecture/panel discussion, Hands-on cadaveric demonstration (faculty only) 

Introducing the newest enhancements to the cutting edge Segway Endoscopic Release System which offers a versatile and safe approach for ECTR.  We will discuss the features and benefits of the SegWAY Uniportal approach including the importance of the system being both anatomy specific and patient specific. We will demonstrate our large field of view, ability to probe, and how to ensure a complete release.  Session will include a live demonstration and discuss the case study results of over 1,000 cases performed by 3 surgeons using the SegWAY system.  Session also includes a special presentation on the minimally invasive PONTiS  flexor tendon repair system.

Industry Forum 26
Moscone West 2006
Innovation in Small Bone Fusion with Continuous Compression   

Presented by BioPro, Inc.
Faculty: John Faillace, MD, FAAOS
Format: Lecture / hands-on attendee activity using "Sawbones"
This session focuses on a new method oto facilitate fusion within the small bones of the hand, specifically four corner and STT fusions. It includes a review of currently available methods to achieve fusions and challenges associated with each. The session will then focus on the Clover Staple, a nitinol memory device with a low profile design to avoid impingement while allowing minimal bone removal, combined with continuos compression, offering quicker fusions.

Industry Forum 27
Moscone West 2004
Mini TightRope: A Unique Alternative for Thumb CMC Suspensionplasty  

Presented by Arthrex, Inc.
Faculty: John Safanda, MD
Format: Lecture / hands-on attendee activity using "Sawbones"
The Mini TightRope provides a unique means to suspend the thumb metacarpal after partial or complete trapezial resection for treatment of CMC arthritis, thumb CMC instability and in revision cases with proximal migration after failed tendon reconstruction. This workshop will feature an overview of the CMC Mini TightRope, biomechanical data, and clinical experience followed by a hands-on workshop.​

12:00-1:00 PM


Industry Forum 31
Moscone West 3018
Integra Wrist Arthritis Solutions

Presented by Integra LifeSciences
Faculty: Brian Adams, MD and Randip Bindra, MD
Format: Hands-on cadaveric demonstration (faculty only)
This workshop will focus on:
- Wrist arthritis and the newest technology for treatment
- Surgical technique and benefits of the Integra Wrist Portfolio
- A live cadaveric demonstration by design surgeons

Industry Forum 32
Moscone West 3020
Total Wrist Arthrodesis Using a Unique Locking I.M. System

Presented by Skeletal Dynamics
Faculty: Jorge L. Orbay, MD
Format: Hands-on cadaveric demonstration (faculty only)​
Review total wrist fusion technologies and current treatment options including the IMPLATE® Wrist Arthrodesis System.  This is the first intramedullary system of its kind to address total wrist fusion procedures through a less invasive approach.  The system features a fully modular platform that offers a greater freedom and flexibility in final hand positioning.

Industry Forum 33
Moscone West 3022
Evolution of Plate Fixation of Distal Radius Fractures

Presented by Acumed
Faculty: William Geissler, MD
Format: Lecture/panel discussion and Hands-on attendee activity using "Sawbones"
A case review by Dr. William Geissler will include variety of approaches for volar, dorsal and fragment specific plating.  Following the lecture there will be opportunity for hands-on sawbones lab with Acu-Loc 2; Standard Volar Plates, Variable Angle System and Fragment Specific Plates.

Industry Forum 34
Moscone West 3024
Fixation Concept of Partial and Total Wrist Fusion with Locking Plates

Presented by Medartis, Inc.
Faculty: Michael Sauerbier, MD, PhD
Format: Lecture/panel discussion, Hands-on cadaveric demonstration (faculty) and Hands-on attendee activity using "Sawbones"
The Medartis Wrist Arthrodesis System incorporates the TriLock locking technology and low profile plate designs to address the complete breadth of limited and total wrist fusions for patients with multiple surgical indications. This cadaver lead, sawbones workshop will highlight the technical nuances of the Medartis system.  Attendees will develop a clear understanding of the solutions when dealing with specific problems.

Industry Forum 35
Moscone West 2022
Alternate Approaches & Techniques When Using the SR PIP

Presented by Small Bone Innovations, Inc.
Faculty: William Cooney, MD​
Format: Lecture/panel discussion 
This panel discussion will address the various approaches and techniques which can be used to optimize post-operative results when treating the PIP Joint.  The forum will include case review presentations associated with the various technique options.

Industry Forum 36
Moscone West 2008
CADAVER TRAINING on Single-Portal Endoscopic Carpal (Introducing the STRATOS ECTR System) and Cubital Tunnel Release featuring the Clear Cannula​

Presented by A.M. Surgical, Inc.
Faculty: Gregory Yanish, MD, Brian Chalkin, DO, Charles Cassidy, MD, Ather Mirza, MD and Sepehr Sajjad, MD​
Format: Hands-on cadaveric demonstration (faculty)

NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH LAB for the STRATOS - Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release System

Please join A.M. Surgical for a HANDS-ON cadaver demonstration of single-portal endoscopic CARPAL and CUBITAL tunnel release.  Faculty will present on surgical technique, procedure pearls and clinical experience prior to breaking into smaller groups for cadaver review.  The lab will feature our NEW endoscopic carpal tunnel release device, which offers the versatility to approach ECTR through a distal or proximal approach with enhancements in clear cannula visualization and procedure control and efficiency.​

Industry Forum 37

Moscone West 2007
Reduce, Reinforce, Restore: Fixation of Distal Radius Fractures with Norian Drillable Calcium Phosphate
Presented by DePuy Synthes
Faculty: TBD
Format: Lecture/panel discussion

Join DePuy Synthes to perform a hands-on, total solution distal radius fracture fixation case using the 2.4 mm VA-LCP Distal Radius System and Norian Drillable calcium phosphate bone void filler. ​ 

Industry Forum 38
Mobile Lab
MicroAire Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release Cadaver Surgeon Training

Presented by MicroAire
Faculty: Leslie Wong, MD, Thomas Trumble, MD, Carlton Clinkscales, MD and Joel Klena, MD
Format: Mobile Lab
This concentrated cadaver-based bioskills course provides the training required to perform ECTR surgery using MicroAire’s SmartRelease™ECTR system.  Surgeons will have the opportunity to view a brief, pre-taped, fully narrated, live-patient ECTR procedure performed by Thomas Trumble, MD as well as observe the technique in-person as demonstrated on a cadaver specimen by a faculty surgeon.  Additionally, participants will have the chance to perform the demonstrated technique on their own cadaver specimen as well as observe at least two other surgeons.

Industry Forum 39
Moscone West 3016
Experts on Hand: Case Studies in Dupuytren’s Contracture

Presented by Auxilium Pharmaceuticals
Faculty: Prosper Benhaim, MD, Sidney M. Jacoby, MD, Douglas M. Sammer, MD and Gary M. Pess, MD​
Format: Lecture/panel discussion
Join our panel of experts as they discuss some practical aspects of treating Dupuytren’s contracture via case study presentations. 

Industry Forum 40
Moscone West 2009
Advances in Intra-operative Nerve and Muscle Stimulation in Upper Extremity Surgery

Presented by Checkpoint Surgical, LLC
Faculty: Michael Hausman, MD, Scott Kozin, MD and Harry Hoyen, MD
Format: Panel Discussion and case presentation

The forum will discuss the use of the CHECKPOINT ® Stimulator/Locator, a handheld, sterile nerve and muscle stimulator, during surgery.  The Checkpoint, a highly variable output, intraoperative stimulator, is used  for stimulation directly to nerve, and also to stimulate muscle directly, allowing for a graded tetanic contraction of muscle.  Physicians have incorporated this technology into many procedures including: nerve identification and protection, intraoperative nerve function testing, intraoperative decision making for complex nerve injuries, nerve transfer surgeries, tendon transfer surgery, trauma and arthroplasty revision surgery. 

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