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General ASSH/AFSH Information

App Information:

How to download the Annual Meeting App:

For quick downloads, go to

For iOS App Store – iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, and iPod users: 

  1. On your device, open the App Store app
  2. Search for ASSH 2013
  3. Install and run

For the Android Market:

  1. On your device, open the Android Market app
  2. Search for ASSH 2013
  3. Install and run

All other mobile devices:

Enter in your mobile device’s browser address bar (not the Google search bar).  The web app is designed for mobile viewing and requires continued Internet access to run.

Learn more about the app tools and troubleshooting.

Syncing your registration to the app schedule:

You can sync your registration itinerary to the schedule tab on the app. To do this you will need to click on the schedule tab on the app and login using your ASSH ID. Learn more about syncing your registration.

Onsite Information: 
The 2013 Annual Meeting will be held at the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco, CA. Some meetings and receptions will also be held at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square.

Location information:

Speaker Ready Room: Moscone West, 2014 Overlook

Onsite Registration: Moscone West, First Floor Lobby

Educational Resource Center (bookstore): Moscone West, First Floor Lobby

App Theater (app help): Moscone West, Second Floor Lobby

Scientific breakout sessions: Moscone West, Second Floor

Scientific general session: Moscone West, Third Floor

What does it mean that this year's meeting is paperless?
Attendees will need a mobile device to access program and abstract information during the meeting.  No paper programs or abstract books will be distributed.  Program information will be available via the ASSH website at and through a mobile app which can be downloaded to your iPad, iPhone, or Android device.  If you do not have a mobile device, you can rent an iPad to use during the meeting.  You must make your rental reservation by September 12 to be guaranteed a device.  After September 12, the rental price will increase, and only a limited number of iPads will be available onsite for those who did not pre-order.  Note that free Wi-Fi will be available throughout the meeting space.

Where are the Annual Meeting Handouts?
On the ASSH website, and they will be posted approximately a week prior to the meeting.  You can access the handouts from 2012 and prior years now just click here.
When the 2013 handouts are prepared, you can view them from the site or download the files to your device for off-line viewing during the meeting. (Check out apps like iBooks and iAnnotate for your iPad.)
Do I get a CD-ROM this year?
No.  The information you need is available via the native app or mobile-optimized website.
ASSH Educational Resource Center
Purchase any ASSH products at the ERC! The ASSH Educational Resource Center will provide information on all ASSH activities, publications, courses, future annual meetings, patient education brochures, self-assessment examinations, apparel and more. ASSH staff members will be available to answer your questions, fill publication orders and accept course registrations.

CME questions:

How do I get my CME certificate?
The Hand Society’s Certificate of Course Completion form is available online only. Upon the completion of the meeting you will be able to login at  > Information for Surgeons and Hand Care Professionals > My CME to verify the hours you attended and the number of CME credits you have earned by participating in the ASSH Annual Meeting.

Claiming your hours online is quick, easy and automatically updates your CME transcript for immediate printing!  If you are a new attendee or forgot your login information, please contact the ASSH by email at  or call (312) 880-1900 to obtain your login information.

DO NOT create a new online account if you have trouble logging in –– your registration record is attached to your original login and your education credits will not appear if a new login is created. For assistance with using the website or accessing your CME information online stop by the registration desk onsite or contact the Hand Society.

Who accredits this meeting?
The 68th ASSH Annual Meeting has been planned and implemented in accordance with the Essential Areas and Policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.

Does this meeting qualify for CEU?
No.  However, non-physician attendees can claim proof of attendance by following the same steps listed above for claiming CME.

Does this meeting satisfy any patient safety credit hours?
Please check the ASPS website.

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Program questions:

When does the meeting start?
The official start of the Annual Meeting is on Thursday, October 3, 2013.  However, committee meetings begin on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 and precourses begin on Wednesday, October 2, 2013.

Where can I find the session calendar and session information?
Check the Program page to get started.

What courses will be recorded and sold?
The American Society for Surgery of the hand will be capturing audio lectures and video PowerPoint presentations on selected sessions during the 68th ASSH Annual Meeting to be made available on the ASSH eLearning Portal.  You can pre-order any or all of the sessions by filling out the form onsite in the Educational Resource Center.  You may also fax the form after the meeting to (847) 384-1435 or mail it to ASSH 822 W. Washington, Chicago, IL 60607.   The videos will be available on the eLearning Portal approximately 3 weeks after the close of the Annual Meeting.  You will receive an email with access instructions when the videos are available.

When will committee meetings be held?
Committee meetings will be scheduled from Tuesday through Saturday.

What is the Annual Meeting attendance requirement for ASSH Active members?
ASSH Active members must attend at least one ASSH Annual Meeting Society every three years. “Attendance” at an ASSH Annual Meeting is considered a full paid registration and is not fulfilled by single day registrations, individual pre or post course registrations, or acting as faculty/presenter/discusser for a course.

What is the appropriate attire for the meeting?
Business casual.

Where can I get precourse handouts?
If you are registered for a precourse, your registration includes a copy of the precourse syllabus.  The syllabus will be distributed at the door where your precourse is being held.  If there are extra copies of the precourse handouts available at the end of the precourse, these may be purchased from the ASSH Educational Resource Center during the meeting (except for the coding course).

Where can I get handouts for the instructional courses & other sessions?
Handouts for symposia and instructional course lectures will be posted on prior to the meeting.  An e-mail notification will be sent to annual meeting attendees as soon as handouts become available for downloading. 

Where can I get abstracts for the meeting?
Meeting abstracts will be posted on prior to the meeting.  An e-mail notification will be sent to annual meeting attendees as soon as the abstracts are available.  Meeting attendees will also receive an abstract book onsite containing all the abstract being presented at the meeting.  Abstracts from prior meetings can be found in the Annual Meeting Abstract Archives.

What awards are given out at the Annual Meeting?  When are they given? How can I apply?
There are many grant and award opportunities. You can find specific award announcement times on the Schedule at a Glance, which will be available during the summer.

How can I submit an abstract?
Please refer to the Program > Abstracts page for detailed information.

What are the dates for future annual meetings?

69th Annual Meeting of the ASSH
September 18-20, 2014 * Boston, MA
Residents & Fellows Conference and Precourses begin on Wednesday, September 17th, 2014
70th Annual Meeting of the ASSH
September 10-12, 2015 * Seattle, WA
Residents & Fellows Conference and Precourses begin on Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

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International attendee questions:

How do I get a letter of invitation?
If you need an official letter of invitation to attend the ASSH Annual Meeting, please contact staff at

Are there special registration discounts for international attendees?
Attendees from Australia, this year’s International Guest Society, are entitled to a registration discount.  Please contact  for the discount code before registering.

If you are an international surgeon and you pay for a Full Registration for the 2013 ASSH Annual Meeting at the international member or international non-member price, you may be eligible to sponsor a young international surgeon for a free registration to the same meeting.  The young surgeon must be aged 35 or under, and you must both follow the instructions found on the International Bring a Young Surgeon program page.   .

What is the international reception and how do I get invited?
The International Reception is open to all international attendees and their guests. No RSVP is necessary.

How can I become an International Member of ASSH?
Learn more about international membership here.


Registration questions:

How do I register?
Visit the How to Register page now.

Where is onsite registration and when is it open?

Registration is located on the first level lobby in the Moscone Convention Center. If you need to select or purchase tickets, you may do so prior to the meeting by following the instructions on how to modify your registration page. You may also may changes on a space-available basis onsite. Tickets are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

What is the live streaming registration option?

New this year, people not attending the Annual Meeting can stream 2 scientific sessions live and also participate in the Q&A. People who register for live streaming will also be able to view recordings of the 2 sessions up to 2 weeks after the meeting.  

What is the cancellation policy? 
Please visit the registration fees and policies page for details on the refund and cancellation policy. 

What is the youth attendance policy?
Adults 18 years of age and older may visit any area of the annual meeting, provided admittance requirements are met according to the information that follows. These policies are strictly enforced.

What is the active duty military discount?
Active United States military personnel may be entitled to a special discount. Please call ASSH at (312) 880-1900 for more information. The Military discount reduces Annual Meeting Registration Fees only. It does not apply to precourses, post courses, surgical skills courses, or any other added fee activity. 

Exhibit Hall - Children 6-17 years of age must purchase an exhibit hall pass at the ASSH Registration Desk to gain admittance to the exhibit hall. Parents or legal guardians are required to sign a release and waiver of claim for children between 6-17 years of age and must accompany them at all times while in the exhibit hall. Children under the age of 6 are not permitted to enter the exhibit hall under any circumstances.

Guest Program - All individuals participating in a tour must purchase a ticket and sign a release and waiver of claim. Some activities have a minimum age limit. Optional tour tickets are nonrefundable once purchased.

What does the spouse/guest program include?
Visit the Social Activities section to find out more about the spouse/guest program, as well as optional tours and evening shows.

Will my registration materials be mailed to me?
No. You will not receive registration materials in advance of the Annual Meeting.  However, two weeks prior to the Annual Meeting, you will receive an e-mail notification that provides you with detailed information regarding your attendance at the Annual Meeting.  This will include instructions on location and times when you can check in and pick up your registration material.

How do I get a copy of my invoice?
Please visit > Information for Surgeons and Hand Care Professionals > My Transactions to access any ASSH invoice.

How do I know if you have received my registration?
You may visit > Information for Surgeons and Hand Care Professionals > My Transactions to verify your registration has been processed. 

Who can I contact if I have questions about my registration?
For registration questions, please call (312) 880-1900 or email

What sessions/activities require an additional fee?

  • Residents and Fellows Conference
  • Optional Precourses and Postcourse
  • Optional Surgical Skills courses
  • Tours and Social Events
  • Optional iPad Rental

I am a speaker, do I need to register?
Yes, all speakers are required to register and pay to attend the Annual Meeting.

Can I register to only visit the Exhibit Hall?
Yes, exhibit-only passes are available at the following rates:
One Day Pass - $125; 3-Day Pass - $200

What is included with my registration?
A full meeting registration entitles you to the following:
• Access to all the scientific sessions, instructional course lectures (additional fee required for surgical skills ICLs), interactive case reviews and product demonstration workshops
• Access to the Exhibit Hall
• Daily box lunch (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
• Complimentary downloadable handouts for symposia and instructional course lectures

I am an exhibitor, can I attend sessions?
Exhibitors registered as staff representatives may attend General Sessions.  To attend any of the Precourses or Instructional Courses you must be registered as an attendee.  For more information about pricing, contact

How do I register for a Symposium?
All symposia are included in registrations as they are part of the concurrent scientific sessions at the Annual Meeting.  You do not need to register for these.

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General Information about ASSH and AFSH:

Where can I learn more about the American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand?
Learn more at the AFSH website.

Where can I learn more about the products offered by ASSH?
Learn more by visiting the ASSH Store.

Where can I learn about applying for membership to ASSH?
Learn more about joining ASSH.

How can I reach someone in the ASSH Central Office?
The ASSH phone number is (312) 880-1900, or find out how to contact a staff member

Who is on the ASSH Council?
Learn more about the ASSH Council members.

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