Meeting the Challenge of the New Decade
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Clinical Papers - Thursday, September 6

This session highlights the best submissions for clinical paper presentations as selected by the review committee.

Best Papers Session

2:15 - 2:55 PM - Scientific Session
Location: Grand Ballroom - Hyatt Regency Convention Center
Moderator: Kevin C. Chung, MD, MS, Steven L. Moran, MD


​2:15 - 2:21 PM ​Paper 01
Prospective international multi-centre series of 215 last generation total wrist arthroplasties. Preliminary results.
Guillaume Herzberg, MD, PhD
Michel E. H. Boeckstyns, MD, PhD​
​2:21 – 2:23 PM ​Discussion / Rebuttal
​2:23 - 2:29 PM ​Paper 02
Postoperative Follow-up of Severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Does Thumb Opposition Recover?
​♦ Tatsuki Ebata, MD
Susumu Tokunaga, MD
Yuji Takahashi, MD
Yoshihiro Abe, MD
​2:29 – 2:31 PM ​Discussion / Rebuttal
​2:31 - 2:37 PM ​Paper 03
A Long-term Multi-center Outcomes Study of Silicone Metacarpophalangeal Joint Arthroplasty in Rheumatoid Arthritis
​♦ Kevin C. Chung, MD, MS
Jennifer F. Waljee, MD, MS
Patricia B. Burns, MPH
Hyungjin M. Kim, ScD
Frank D. Burke, MD
E.F. Shaw Wilgis, MD
​2:37 – 2:39 PM ​Discussion / Rebuttal
​2:39 - 2:45 PM ​Paper 04
"Supercharge" Nerve Transfer to Enhance Motor Recovery
​♦ Scott J. Farber, MD
Simone Glaus, MD
Ying Yan, MD, PhD
Daniel Hunter, RA
Philip J. Johnson, PhD
Susan E. Mackinnon, MD
​2:45 – 2:47 PM ​Discussion / Rebuttal
​2:47 - 2:53 PM ​Paper 05
A summary of the functional outcomes following transplantation of 8 hands/upper extremities in 5 patients with an innovative cell based single drug immunotherapy protocol.  ▲
​♦ Jaimie T. Shores, MD
Gerald Brandacher, MD
Vijay Gorantla, MD
Stefan Schneeberger, MD
Joseph Losee, MD
W.P. Andrew Lee, MD
​2:53 – 2:55 PM ​Discussion / Rebuttal


▲  Best Papers Session - Paper 05: A Summary of the Functional Outcomes Following Transplantation of 8 Hands/Upper Extremities in 5 Patients with an Innovative Cell Based Single Drug Immunotherapy Protocol will include discussion of Prograf (Tacnolimus), an "off-label" or other non-FDA approved, investigational pharmaceutical product manufactured by Stellas Pharma US. 

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