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Poster Presenters

E-Poster Policy and Guidelines
Congratulations!  Your proposal has been accepted as an e-poster at the Hand Society’s 67th Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL from September 6-8, 2012!  E-posters will be available to view onsite during registration hours and may also be viewed online beginning one week prior to the Annual Meeting.  Check back soon for further details!
An e-poster is a new multi-media approach to presenting scientific research – an electronic version of the traditional boards, which is displayed on monitor screens in designated areas at the Annual Meeting.  The e-poster may include text, figures, images and video.
These digital versions of presentations offer several advantages over their physical counterparts including: conference cost savings, multimedia additions to the traditional format, archival research capabilities, and time savings to the presenters.
Start creating my e-poster via PowerPoint!  Create and upload your e-poster by Wednesday, July 11, 2012.


Submitting e-poster​ ​July 11, 2012 *
​​Top 5 Poster Displays notification ​July 23, 2012
​Top 5 Poster Content submitted ​August 1, 2012
* If you do not have your FINAL content uploaded by this date, your e-poster will not be considered for the Top 5 display or the Julian M. Bruner Award.
Once again, the Scientific Displays Committee will be reviewing Annual Meeting E-Posters this summer and will determine the Top Five to be showcased as a full-sized poster at the Annual Meeting.  The Hand Society will cover the cost to create the Top Five posters.  Authors will be notified by August 1 if their e-poster has been selected for the Top Five display.  The Julian M. Bruner Award, clinical pearl and honorable mentions will be announced on Friday, September 7 during the General Session.  After the Scientific Displays Committee reviews all e-posters, five will be selected to be showcased as a full-sized poster in the exhibit hall.


As the author/presenter, you have the freedom to be creative with your display, limited to the guidelines below developed by the Annual Meeting Scientific Displays Committee. 


  • Create your e-poster using PowerPoint
  • Upload your e-poster via (see “Uploading Your E-Poster”, below, for further instructions)
  • Disclosures slide content will be created by ASSH to ensure a clean and consistent look.  A document will be placed in your BOX folder.  Please review for accuracy and then use this information (in exact formatting) to create SLIDE 2 (see below). 
    Disclosure information was taken from the abstract submission you provided and re-formatted.  If changes need to be made, please make them and notify Diana Shkap at to ensure the correct disclosures are listed in the program.
  • E-posters are limited to nine slides total
    • SLIDE 1: Title – must include poster number, title, all supporting authors.  Logos are not permitted.
    • SLIDE 2: Disclosures – must include ALL authors’ affiliations and ALL disclosures of conflicts of interest, whether applicable to the presented research or not. 
    • SLIDE 3: Introduction (1 slide)
    • SLIDE 4: Methods (1 slide)
    • SLIDE 5-7: Results (1-3 slides)
    • SLIDE 8: Discussion (1 slide)
    • SLIDE 9: Summary Points (1 slide)
  • Video clips are allowed!
    • One clip per e-poster
    • Clips should be a maximum of 30 seconds
    • Clips should be inserted on a PowerPoint slide – please make sure that it plays in the slide before uploading the e-poster to Box
    • Please upload the video clip separately into Box in case access to this file is needed
  • Posters are required to use blank PowerPoint slides.  Please do not use company/institution banners as the 2012 Annual Meeting banner will be placed on your slides.  If you have more than one e-poster accepted into the program please be sure you are referencing the correct poster type (Residents and Fellows Conference or Annual Meeting E-Poster) and number when preparing your display.
  • Authors MUST submit content by July 9, 2012 to be considered for Julian M. Bruner Award (Best Poster Award for Annual Meeting E-Posters).
  • In 1997, the ASSH Council passed a motion stating, “Authors who fail to exhibit their poster are barred from submitting any materials for the subsequent year’s poster session.”  If you are unable to attend the meeting you must notify the ASSH in writing at or by fax at (847) 384-1435 to withdraw your poster.  Your request to withdraw must be received by July 9, 2012 in order for the ruling to not apply.


  • You will receive an email from Diana Shkap at with an invitation to share files on Box (a cloud-based, file sharing website).  The subject line will say “Diana Shkap has added you to a collaborated folder on Box”.  Please select "view folder".
  • If you have never used Box before, it will prompt you to create a new account.  You may select the “Personal” or free version.  Use the email address that this was sent to.  If there are problems with this email address, please contact Diana Shkap (
  • Once your account has been created, you will be able to access the folder where you can upload your e-poster.  This folder is named after your poster number – please verify that you are uploading your files to the correct folder.
  • Please save your e-poster as AM or RF POSTER#_LAST NAME (i.e., AM Poster 01_Huber; RF Poster 38_Crater).
  • To upload, click on the “upload” button near the top of the page and browse for your document.
  • You may make changes through July 9 – You can upload as many versions of the document as you’d like up until this date.  NO CHANGES OR REVISIONS WILL BE ALLOWED AFTER THIS DATE. 
Residents and Fellows e-posters will be reviewed and judged on September 5, 2012 during the Residents and Fellows Conference.  Please use the same guidelines to create your e-poster.
The Korean Society for Surgery of the Hand (KSSH) has been selected as the 2012 International Guest Hand Society (IGHS).  The IGHS posters will continue to be displayed in the exhibit hall as traditional print posters.  Download the guidelines and poster submission form for more information.
• There is no designated “presentation” for e-posters or the Top Five displays for which authors/presenters must be present.
• CME is not provided for e-Poster or Top 5 poster authors.
• Poster and e-Poster authors MUST be registered for the Annual Meeting.  The Hand Society does not provide complimentary registration for authors/presenters.
Contact Diana Shkap at or (312) 880-1915

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