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Joining ASSH gives allied healthcare professionals the platform to learn and network directly with the most established individuals of the hand and upper extremity industry.  Affiliate Membership gives you access to the same top-notch resources, opportunities, and patients as all other ASSH members.

Requirements for Applying


Any individual who meets the following qualifications is eligible to apply for Affiliate Membership:

  • Shall be fully licensed as an allied healthcare professional (e.g., hand therapist; occupational therapist; physical therapist; physician assistant; nurse practitioner; registered nurse) in a state, territory, or province of competent jurisdiction, and shall specialize in the treatment and rehabilitation of disorders of the upper limbs;
  • If a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT), shall maintain active membership in ASHT;
  • Shall be of high moral, ethical, and professional standing;
  • Shall have a sponsor letter from an ASSH Active member (elected 2012 or earlier), or in the case of international (non US) Affiliate applicants shall have a sponsor letter from either an ASSH Active member or ASSH International member (elected 2012 or earlier).

Rights and Responsibilities of Affiliate Members

Affiliate Members must agree to the following rights and responsibilities as detailed in the application in order to maintain their Affiliate Member status.

  • I understand that that if accepted for ASSH Affiliate membership I may reference “ASSH Affiliate” membership status in published biographical materials.
      • I acknowledge that I may not advertise or represent myself as a “Member of the ASSH”, but may represent myself as an “Affiliate Member of the ASSH.”
      • I may not use the ASSH logo on stationery or as advertising.
  • I acknowledge that if I am a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT) I am required to maintain an active membership in the ASHT.  Verification of active ASHT membership will be required for renewal of ASSH Affiliate membership.
  • I acknowledge that my ASSH Affiliate membership may be terminated if I become ineligible for ASSH Affiliate membership as defined in the ASSH Bylaws.

The Code of Ethics and Professionalism for Hand Care Professionals has been adopted by the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH) and sets forth aspirational standards of conduct that define the essentials of honorable behavior for the Hand Care Professional.


How to Apply

*Affiliate Membership application deadlines are the 1st of each month.

Before applying, please ensure that you read and understand the ASSH Code of Ethics.

Download the 2016 Affiliate Member application.



  1. Complete ALL sections of the application form. No part of the application form may be left blank.
  2. Submit your one-time Affiliate Membership application fee of $25.  Upon acceptance, Affiliate members will be billed dues for the first year based on month of acceptance.
  3. Submit a sponsorship letter from an ASSH Active member elected in 2012 or earlier OR for international Affiliate applicants, submit a sponsor letter from either an ASSH Active member or ASSH International member elected 2012 or earlier. Letters of recommendation from other members of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (particularly chiefs of service, training program directors, persons familiar with the applicant's practice or contributions to hand surgery, and other qualified individuals) are not required but do serve to strengthen the application.


  • Electronically: Must be submitted to in Word or PDF format.  You may fax your documents if they are legible to (847) 384-1435 Attn: Membership Committee.
  • Paper submissions:  All paper submissions should be mailed originals. Please send to:
Membership Committee
American Society for Surgery of the Hand
822 West Washington Boulevard, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60607


All sponsors must be Active members in the American Society for Surgery of the Hand – elected in 2012 or earlier.  For international Affiliate applicants, sponsor must be an ASSH Active member or ASSH International member (elected 2012 or earlier). Contact the ASSH Central Office to verify eligibility of sponsors.

Sponsorship letters can be submitted via email, fax, or mail (instructions above) and must follow the following criteria:

  • Include the following information:
      • Length of time sponsor has known the applicant
      • Knowledge of the applicant's present practice
      • Statement of unequivocal support on behalf of the applicant
  • Must be submitted on sponsor's letterhead.
  • Must be signed by sponsor.  

NOTE: In order for an applicant to be considered for 2016 ASSH Affiliate membership, all application materials, including completed application, sponsorship letters, paid application fee, etc. must arrive at the ASSH Central Office by close of business on the submission deadline (1st of each month). 

*Your application and any other information obtained in connection with your application becomes the property of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand upon receipt and will not be returned to the applicant during or at the conclusion of the application process.

With questions, please contact ASSH Membership at or (312) 880-1900.

Maintaining Your Status

Affiliate Members

  • Pay annual dues of $300
  • For Certified Hand Therapists (CHTs), you must maintain an active membership in the ASHT.  Verification of active ASHT active membership will be required for renewal of ASSH Affiliate membership.

Non-Journal Affiliate Members

  • Pay annual dues of $125
  • Verify your Journal subscription annually
Changing Your Membership Category

As an ASSH Affiliate Member, you may be eligible to change your status to the following:

Non-Journal Affiliate Member
  • Available to those who meet the qualifications of an ASSH Affiliate Member and who currently have a subscription to the Journal of Hand Surgery through another professional organization (personal paid subscription does not qualify).
  • Dues: $125
  • Subscription information must be verified annually to qualify for the dues reduction.

With questions on changing your ASSH status, please contact Membership at or (312) 880-1900.


© 2016 American Society for Surgery of the Hand

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