The Adrian E. Flatt, MD Hand Collection

The Robert A. Chase Library and Museum at the American Society for Surgery of the Hand Is pleased to provide this Virtual Exhibit of the work of Adrian E. Flatt MD. These videos are used with permission of Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas.

Adrian E. Flatt, MD, began making casts of famous hands in 1960’s and created a collection that includes Katherine Hepburn, Ronald Reagan, Andre the Giant, and many more. The collection is currently housed at Baylor University Medical Center and they have given The Robert A. Chase Library and Museum permission to share Dr. Flatt’s wonderful collection with ASSH Annual Meeting attendees as a virtual exhibit.

Introduction: The Adrian E. Flatt MD Hand Collection.
Stories behind “These Famous Hands” Dr. Adrian E. Flatt discusses how his fascination with hands led to his lifelong hobby of hand casting. Dr. Flatt demonstrates his process while creating the casts of football pro Troy Aikman’s hands. 5:27

Video 1: Dr. Flatt discusses why he began to create hand casts and questions the term “surgeon’s hands” 1:30  

Video 2: Featuring the hand casts of Walter Cronkite; Roger Staubach; Mike Singletary; Jimmy Doolittle; Tom Landry; Arnold Palmer; Norman Rockwell; Andrew Wyeth; Jamie Wyeth; Mary Martin; Larry Hagman. 4:29 

Video 3: Featuring the hand casts of Wernher Von Braun; Jimmy Carter; Winston Churchill; Margaret Thatcher; Ethel Merman; David Copperfield; Louis Armstrong; Alan Shepard; Gordon Cooper; John Glenn; Theodor “Dr. Seuss” Geisel; Charles Schultz; Walt Disney. 5:17 

Video 4: Featuring the hand casts of Ronald Reagan; Chris Evert-Lloyd; Martina Navratilova; Ruth Jackson, MD; Paul Newman; Joanne Woodward; Willie Shoemaker; Nolan Ryan; Mickey Mantle; “Andre the Giant” Roussimoff. 4:28 

Video 5: Featuring the hand casts of Katherine Hepburn; Corazon Aquino; Dwight D. Eisenhower; Harry S. Truman; Christiaan Barnard, MD; Jonas Salk, MD; Sir Henry OsmondClark MD, FRCS; Willie Shoemaker; Wilt Chamberlain; Neil Armstrong; Arthur Fiedler; Eduardo Mata; and Isaac Stern. 5:15