Meeting the Challenge of the New Decade
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Keynote Lectures

​All keynote lectures will take place in the Grand Ballroom, Gold Level, East Tower in the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

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​ASSH Presidential Address
The Power of Inclusion
Thursday, September 6, 1:30-2:15 PM
W. P. Andrew Lee, MD, ASSH President

Our country is built upon the principle of embracing people from all backgrounds, ethnicity, and socio-economic status.  The specialty of hand surgery emerged by incorporating the expertise of general surgeons, orthopedists, and plastic surgeons.  And the American Society for Surgery of the Hand is open to all practitioners of hand and upper extremity surgery regardless of practice setting, training background, or degree of specialization.  W. P. Andrew Lee, MD, the ASSH President, will reflect upon the Power of Inclusion by tracing his personal experience from immigrating to the U.S., embarking upon a hand surgery career as a plastic surgeon and striving to enhance ASSH openness and member engagement.  By maximizing individual talents and potentials, an inclusive group is most prepared to meet its challenges.
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Robert E. Carroll Founders Lecture
From the Founders to the Future
Thursday, September 6, 3:00-3:30 PM
James Strickland, MD​

​This address will review the original founders of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand in regards to their make-up, experience and values.  It will emphasize their desire to create an educational society that would disseminate information that would improve the delivery of care for patients afflicted with upper extremity disorders.  Dr. Strickland will revisit the important scientific and technological advances that have occurred over the last half decade leading to the dramatically different management of hand disorders that we know and practice today.  The socio-economic changes that have occurred will also be critically reviewed with personal commentary on how those changes have affected the delivery of hand care and the composition and function of the American Society of the Hand.  In closing, an attempt will be made to foresee the future of health care delivery in this country particularly as it pertains to surgery of the hand and to determine if our Society and its members have been consistent with the precepts and goals set forth by its founding members.




Presidential Guest Lecture
Safe Patients, Smart Hospitals: How One Doctor's Checklist Can Help Us Change Health Care from the Inside Out
Friday, September 7, 3:21 – 4:21 PM

Peter Pronovost, MD, PhD, FCCM

Dr. Pronovost is a critical care physician and a professor in the department of anesthesiology and critical care medicine, surgery, and health policy and management.  He has developed a scientifically proven method for reducing the deadly infections associated with central-line catheters.  His simple but effective checklist protocol virtually eliminated these infections, saving 1,500 lives and $100 million annually across the state of Michigan.  The checklist protocol is now being implemented across the United States and helped reduce these infections by 60^.  Several other countries are also implementing the program.  Dr. Pronovost has chronicled his work in Safe Patients, Smart Hospitals: How One Doctor’s Checklist Can Help Us Change Health Care from the Inside Out.  In addition, he has published more than 400 articles.  The winner of a coveted MacArthur Fellowship in 2008, Peter was named by Time magazine as one of the world’s 100 “most influential people” in the world for his work in patient safety.


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International Guest Lecture
Toe-to-Finger Transfer
Saturday, September 8, 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Fu-Chan Wei, MD, FACS

Dr. Fu-Chan Wei is currently the Professor in Surgery, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and Chang Gung University, Taiwan.  He is also the Deputy General Secretary, International Confederation for Plastic Reconstruction & Aesthetic Surgery as well as the International Associate Editor for the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  Dr. Wei will bring his experience and knowledge to present a dynamic lecture on functional and esthetic results for toe to hand transplantation.  His presentation will cover (1) Initial management of amputation stumps; (2) Timing of toe transplantation; (3) Techniques of toe harvest and foot closure; (4) Thumb reconstruction; (5) Finger reconstruction; (6) Metacarpal hand reconstruction; (7) Pitfalls and complication in toe transplantation; and (8) Rehabilitation.


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